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Aman Abdul Fadilah, (Aman) & Neng Risnawati (Risna)


Sabtu, 13 April 2019


Kp. Cibadak RT 09 / RW 01, Ds. Cidahu, Kec. Cibitung, Sukabumi.

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Akad NikahResepsi
Tempat : Mempelai wanitaTempat : Mempelai wanita
Tanggal : 13 April 2019Tanggal : 13 April 2019
Waktu : 08.00 - 10.00 Wib Waktu : 10.00 Wib - Selesai


Aman Abdul Fadilah, (Aman)

Putra dari :
Nama Ayah: Yoyo Sunaryo
Nama Ibu : Utiah

Neng Risnawati (Risna)

Putri dari :
Nama Ayah : Subandi (Emban)
Nama Ibu : Juarsih (Jua)
13 April 2019

Akad Nikah

Akad nikah akan dilaksanakan ditempat mempelai wanita.

Hiburan :
1. Siang : Organ Tunggal (Rama Group Cibitung)
2. Malam : Siraman Rohani
Mubaligh : Ust. Ahmad Baedowi (Karang Bentang)
Ust. Asep Sukardi (Cibadak)
Qori : Suryaman (Leuwi Cagak)

Lokasi Pesta Pernikahan

When college started, Alfa volunteered to work as a teaching assistant at networking class. and he was placed in her class and they built a really solid friendship over time. they were friends for years before they confessed their feelings.

They have different food favorite. although different, but they are still looking for a place to eat that both they liked. and the first dinner we were in japan food that is hoka-hoka bento Buah Batu.

alfa has planned a family vacation to Bogor and he invited her to join, and that's the first time he introduced her to his family.

They happy together with his family and they really enjoyed it. Although they not her family but that was really like they were really big family

They did dating process approach and only about 2 years. Various eating places have visited, various movie watched together and spend a lot of time together. there was love them more and more within

The Marriage Proposal

Alfa stepped away, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. she was so awestruck, confused and surprised at the same time as he stood there ring in hand.

It took a moment to process, she reached for the ring, and he reminded her that she hadn't said yes. With tears in her eyes she shouted:

"Yes! Yes of course! Yes!"

They were married at October 9, 2014. Authorized and witnessed by both sides. With wisdom event. Full of tears, joy and sobs were immediately turned into a beautiful day happiness coloring it.